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yarn winding machine for Medical braiding

Medical braiding special thread yarn winding machine
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yarn winding machine

Motor speed:0-1500 RPM
Motor power: 1.1kw
Bobbin size:OD40*30mm*26mm

Product advantage

1. Touch Screen Interface: The winding machine adopts a touch screen interface that is convenient and intuitive for data pre-setting.

2. High Stability and Easy Maintenance: The machine is characterized by its high stability, easy maintenance, and simple operation.

3. Even Yarn Arrangement: The design ensures that the yarn is evenly arranged and easy to pay off, reducing yarn waste.

4. Adjustable Traverse Length: The traverse length of the machine is adjustable for added versatility.

5. Electronic Counter Control: An electronic counter controls the length of the yarn, promoting uniform yarn change.

6. Yarn Breakage Motion: The machine features a yarn breakage motion that allows for accurate shutdown, further reducing yarn waste.

7. Yarn Tension Regulator: The machine includes a yarn tension regulator that can control yarn tension to meet different spec yarn needs.

8. Versatile Material Usage: The machine can work with various materials, including Nitinol wire, stainless steel (flat/round) wire, Platinum wire, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPEF), L-polylactic acid fiber, and biological fiber.

9. Tension Adjustability: The tension can be adjusted as needed, and there are no special requirements. A default tension controller of 3-100g is optional.

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