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The suture needle is an instrument used for suturing various tissues, and it consists of three parts: the needle point, the needle body and the needle tail. There are three types of needle tip shapes: round head, triangular head and shovel head; the shape of the needle body is nearly circular, triangular and shovel-shaped. Generally, the first half of the needle body is triangular or round, and the second half is flat to facilitate holding. The needle pliers are firmly clamped; the needle eye at the end of the needle is a hole for the lead wire, which is divided into ordinary holes and spring machine holes. At present, many hospitals use non-injury sewing needles with integrated needle and thread. The needle tail is embedded with a thread of similar thickness to the needle body. This kind of needle thread causes less damage to the tissue and can prevent the suture from falling out during suturing. Clinically, according to whether there is a radian between the needle tip and the needle tail, the suture needles are divided into straight needles, semi-curved needles and curved needles; according to the cross-sectional shape of the needle tip, they are divided into angle needles and round needles.

Straight gauge: It is suitable for suturing in wide or shallow operations, such as suturing of skin and gastrointestinal mucosa, and sometimes used for suturing of liver.

Curved needle: The most widely used clinically, it is suitable for suturing small or deep tissues. According to the curvature of the arc, it is divided into 1/2, 1/4, 3/8, 5/8 radians, etc. Curved needles of different sizes and radians can be used for suturing almost all tissues and organs.

Non-invasive suturing needle: mainly used for anastomosis of thin tissues such as small blood vessels and epineurium.

Triangular needle: The front of the needle tip is triangular (triangle-shaped), which can penetrate hard tissues and is used for suturing skin, ligaments, cartilage, scars and other tissues, but it is not suitable for suturing facial skin.

Round needle: The cross-section of the needle tip and needle body are both circular, used for suturing general soft tissues, such as gastrointestinal wall, blood vessels, fascia, peritoneum and nerves.

Clinically, the needle should be selected reasonably according to the needs. In principle, the needle diameter should be smaller and the damage is less

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