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Nine Medical is a leading provider of comprehensive equipment solutions in the medical field
winding machine

Yarn Winding Machine

The medical winding machine series uses a touch screen, making settings and adjustments easy and intuitive. The machine has high operating stability and is easy to maintain.
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Surgical suture braiding machine

Suture Braiding Machine

The medical suture knitting machine series is mainly suitable for the medical industry, ultra-fine wire harness industry, engineering research, etc.
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Surgical Sutures Needle

Strong Hardness
Outstanding Sharpness
Excellent Tenacity And Ductility
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Drilled-End Needle Attaching Machines

Drilled-End Needle Attaching Machines

This needle press machine is suitable for punching needles and can adjust the needle pressure and speed.To achieve the corresponding pulling force requirements.
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Easy to use
One-button operation, microcomputer control, simple and convenient digital display of the sterilization process
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Suture Packaging Machinery

Continuous Sealing Machine

Sealing speed: 10m/min;
Power supply: 220V 50Hz;
Sealing width 12mm;
Maximum power: 500W;
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