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Surgical suture braiding machine

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  1. Product Name: KBL-90-16-1

  2. External Dimensions: 1050mm610mm1822mm (length width height)

  3. Equipment Weight: 300KG

  4. Process Parameter Introduction: Braiding materials used are nylon, fiber, etc., with a minimum material range of 30dtex. The braided outside diameter covers medium 0.3 - medium 2.0mm. Braid density is adjustable from 0-100PPI. The braided structure is 1 press 1 (machine number/2), 1 press 2, 2 press 2.

  5. Device Function Description: The device can be operated by an operator or an administrator, with the administrator having the right to modify process parameters. It can store 100 process parameters, making them easy to call upon.

  6. Running Noise: The equipment comes with an overall sound insulation shield, ensuring the maximum operating noise does not exceed 80 decibels

  7. Equipment Power Supply: Single-phase 220V(10%), 50HZ

  8. Rated Power: The rated power is 1.55KW, pure electric

  9. Equipment Parameter Introduction: Dial speed ranges from 0-300 RPM. Spindle speed is 0-75 RPM. The machine uses rolling traction and open loop servo tension winding modes. The yarn size is medium 43mm x medium 17mm x 126.5mm. The reel size is medium 200mm* medium 100mm*100mm.

Product advantage

1. Primary Applications: The Medical Suture Braiding Machine series is primarily suited for the medical industry, ultra-fine wire beam industry, and engineering research.

2. Components: The main components include a braiding machine, traction mechanism, lubrication system, and electrical control system.

3. Drive & Interface: The machine body is entirely driven by a servo motor, and the PLC touch screen features a dual-language interface in both Chinese and English.

4. Specialization: This series of medical suture braiding machines is specifically designed for the braiding of absorbable and non-absorbable surgical sutures, making it suitable for surgeries in fields like orthopedics, sports medicine, and other surgical procedures.

5. Control System: The equipment is equipped with a computer touch screen control system.

6. Performance: The machine offers precise, stable braiding performance, and its servo constant tension torque winding ensures smooth winding.

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