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Product Introduction:

The series Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer is a special equipment for low-temperature fumigation sterilization of items sealed in the sterilization chamber using pure ethylene oxide and mixed ethylene oxide gas under certain temperature, pressure, and duration. Ethylene oxide gas is a very active chemical disinfectant that not only achieves broad-spectrum sterilization but also ensures reliable sterilization effects.

Sterilization Principle:

The Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer achieves sterilization through a very specific alkylation process when ethylene oxide comes into contact with microorganisms, thereby inhibiting the normal reactions of the microbial base, resulting in metabolic obstacles and subsequent death.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Consumables:

These include ethylene oxide gas, ethylene oxide biological indicators, ethylene oxide indicator tape, ethylene oxide inner cards, ethylene oxide outer cards, and ethylene oxide packaging bags.

Product Features:

  1. Easy Operation: One-key operation with microcomputer control, simple and convenient digital display of sterilization process.

  2. Print Records: The sterilization process is recorded and printed for easy review and archiving.

  3. Filter System: The inlet is equipped with a filtration system that can effectively filter out pathogens and microorganisms, preventing secondary pollution from residual air intake.

Applicable Scope:

  1. Endoscope center

  2. Operating room

  3. Sterilizing supply room

  4. Pharmaceutical room

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