Drilled-End Needle Attaching Machines

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Drilled-End Needle Attaching Machines

Drilled-End Needle Attaching Machines
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Basic Equipment Parameters:

  1. Power Supply Voltage: AC220V

  2. Operating Current: Less than 1A

  3. Physical Dimensions:

    • Control box: Approximately 210mm(H) 180mm(W) 140mm(L)

    • Press needle machine: Approximately 185mm(W) 60mm(L) 180mm(H)

  4. Applicable Product Types: Hole punching needles, sizes 2# to 4-0. Easy to operate, the suture types include woven PE/PGA, single strand PA/PP/PDO, and other tested suture combinations. The machine is intelligent, programmable, and highly efficient.

  5. Press Needle Speed: Parameter modification. Output and quality depend on the operator's skill level.

  6. Control Method: Microcomputer programming control with a visible speed.

  7. Drive Mode: Pneumatic

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