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Continuous Sealing Machine

Continuous Sealing Machine
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>>Product Specifications:

- Sealing Speed: 10m/min

- Power Supply: 220V 50Hz

- Sealing Width: 12mm

- Maximum Power: 500W

- Sealing Edge: Adjustable 0-35mm

- Working Temperature: 60~220°C

- Weight: 12KG

- Size: 490 x 240 x 120 (mm)

- Sealing Strength: Shall meet the requirements of YY/T 0698.5-2009

- Automatic Control: Continuous sealing, temperature deviation less than 1%

- Temperature Rise Design: High speed, temperature rise from room temperature to 180°C is less than 40s

- Pressing System: Floating constant pressure design, suitable for high and low temperature sealing requirements for sterilization packaging bags, paper plastic three-dimensional bags and paper bags

- Heating Element: Advanced flat plate design, high temperature resistant, long service life, and efficient heat resistant

- Function: Equipped with sealing counting function

- Shell Material: Options of carbon steel plastic spraying or 304 stainless steel

- Customization: The sealing speed can be customized to 18 meters per minute (only suitable for high-temperature paper plastic bags)

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