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Balloon Catheter Braiding Machine

Balloon Catheter Braiding Machine
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Balloon Catheter Braiding Machine Series Overview

The Balloon Braiding Machine Series is primarily designed for the medical industry. The machine is composed of the following components:

  • Braiding Host

  • Traction Mechanism

  • Lubrication System

  • Electrical Control System

  • Microscopic Imaging System

The entire machine body is driven by a servo motor and features a human-machine interaction interface.

Key Applications

The braiding machines in this series are utilized for a wide range of applications, mainly focusing on:

  • Braiding for various types of balloon surface reinforcement layers

The machines offer the ability to perform braiding of different densities according to specific requirements, ensuring the ideal performance and durability of the balloon.

Exceptional Performance and Customization

The Balloon Braiding Machine Series is flexible and can accommodate various sizes of braiding work. If there is a need for other sizes of braiding work, customization options are available, providing an added level of flexibility and adaptability to specific needs.

Basic Information

  • Product Name: KBW-90-64-1

  • Dimensions: 2300*1220*1800mm (Length/Width/Height), final installation dimensions prevail

  • Equipment Weight: 650KG

  • Power Supply: Single phase 220V (±10%), 50HZ

  • Rated Power: 2.65KW, purely electric

Technical Parameters

  • Braiding Materials: Bio-thread, nickel-titanium wire, stainless steel wire (round/flat), nylon thread, etc.

  • Material Range: Round wire 0.01-0.2mm, flat wire 0.01*0.01-0.01*0.85mm

  • Braiding Outer Diameter: Covering 2-30.0mm (core rod, catheter wrap braiding)

  • Braiding Density: 0-280PPI adjustable

  • Braiding Structure: 1 under 1 (machine number/2), 1 under 2, 2 under 2

Equipment Feature Introduction

  • Multi-segment Braiding: Capable of 10 segments, each segment's process parameters can be set individually, can set the number of cycles

  • Permission Management: Operator or administrator, the administrator has the authority to modify process parameters

  • Recipe Storage: Can store 100 process parameters for convenient recall

  • Operating Noise: Equipped with an overall soundproofing shield, the maximum operating noise does not exceed 80 decibels

Device Parameter Introduction

  • Dial Speed: 0-220 rotation/min

  • Spindle Rod Speed: 0-13 rotation/min

  • Traction Method: Module traction

  • Yarn Tube Size: Diameter 40mm* 30mm*26mm

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Balloon Catheter Sample detail

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